About Us

Welcome to Pixiedragon

I Am Hayley 

We are a small family run business i say family run its basically me doing it all and i have a family to look after while doing it,

We will be going to as many places and events as we can so will hopefully meet some of you on the way we have already attended some events and have more lined up

So keep a look out on the blog posts for latest news or follow on the usual social media accounts

If you have any questions about a product please use the Product enquiry button or Email me and i will reply as soon as i can thanks for your time and i hope you find something you likewhile you are here/visiting us.


We Are now Located in Cardigan Inside Canolfan Teifi Shopping Center on the upper street level next door to Boots 

there is a lift and a car park to the rear of the building.


Please feel free to tag us in any of your photos that you have purchased from us using the hashtags #pixiedragon or #pixiedragonclothing


Events: If you would like us to come to an event please get in touch and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

       <<<<~~~~~~ This is what to look for when we are at any events to find us.