Leeds Festival 2018 We Are Back

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Well we are Back from Leeds Festival 2018

We had the pleasure of meeting lots of new faces some sober alot not but who can blame them alot of good times and quite a bit of rain too 

we were in the arena and you seriously do not realise what goes into one of these events the crew working this event litterally do not stop working right up to opening the arena gates

it all started with fabulous weather sun beating down and all set up nicely 

all good time to relax a little ready for trading the next day 

problem was the next day this happened



and that led to this 

one of the problems of having a stall is you suddenly become a dry safe haven and get full rather quickly 

it all goes as suddenly as it comes though and was a fantastic day 

all in all it was a great event to attend we didnt get to see anything as such but could hear alot of it as we had stages all around us the pit stage behind us festival republic stage to our left and the main to our right and forward so it was busy as we were opposit the toilets not great but they were cleaned every night we even managed to have a shower or 3 while we were there a bit jerry rigged but it worked 

they did have a co-op shop on the campsite and it was great being able to get a few bits it did get a bit busy from time to time though 

Anyway it was great to meet you all and if you see youself feel free to let us know and if you see yourself and dont want to again let me know and i will sort it out thankyou to everyone who let us take your photo 

you all looked great and thanks to everyone who took the time to come and chat or say hi feel free to tag us in any photos #pixiedragon or #pixiedragonclothing thankyou.


more customer photos in the gallery at the bottom of the homepage.






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